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End-of-pipe investment refers to investment in tools meant for the collection of the waste generated and the removal of pollution from the environment e. Environment is defined as the entirety of all external interdependent elements surface and depths of the earth, air, water, soil, flora, fauna, organic and inorganic substances, anthropogenic components, etc.

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Environmental protection expenditure refers to the investment of enterprises in the reduction in direct environmental pollution, biodiversity and landscape protection; current expenditure on environmental protection and monitoring systems. The above-mentioned expenditure does not cover expenditure on the use of natural resources e.

sisteminis kurguzkino akcijų prekybos metodas

Environmental protection means the protection of the environment against physical, chemical, biological and other negative impacts or consequences arising from the implementation of plans or sisteminis kurguzkino akcijų prekybos metodas, economic activity or use of natural resources. Investment in changing the production process refers to investment in the means for the prevention of environmental pollution methods, technology and equipment which are the components of the enterprises production process equipment.

Natural resources are defined as elements of animate and sisteminis kurguzkino akcijų prekybos metodas nature flora, fauna, including their habitats, water, earth surface and depths which are or could be used for satisfying human needs.

sisteminis kurguzkino akcijų prekybos metodas

Pollutants refer to substances or a mixture of substances which due to human activity get into the air and, reacting separately or with the components of the atmosphere, might pose a hazard to human health and the environment.

Purchase of environmental protection services current external expenditure covers all payments to other enterprises and organisations for the environmental protection services provided, related to the environmental impact coming from the enterprises activity e.

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The system of protected areas of Lithuania is comprised of conservation priority state strict nature reservations, state and municipal reserves, natural landmarksrecuperation priority recuperation plotsecological protection priority ecological protection zones and integrated protected areas national and regional parks, biosphere reservations and biosphere polygons.

After the restoration of independence, the area of protected areas of Lithuania has been rapidly increasing; from toit increased from In tiksliausi dvejetainių parinkčių signalai, rare species of plants, fungi and animals were included in the Red Data Book of Lithuania: animals, plants, fungi, 65 lichens.

sisteminis kurguzkino akcijų prekybos metodas

Not all of these species are vulnerable or rare; some of these species do not even live or grow in our country but are protected under the EU directives and international conventions. Owing to effective protection, some species included in the Red Data Book of Lithuania, e.

sisteminis kurguzkino akcijų prekybos metodas